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Exclusive vineyard roadtrip around northern Portugal 2018

Join us for our inaugural tour of Northern Portugal - be quick though this is limited to only a small group of explorers, with a maximum of ten vehicles in our convoy - you will meet new friends, taste the wine from three of our specially selected vineyards, immerse yourselves in the culture and feast on the local gastronomy.  We'll meet in Chaves just south of the Portugal/Spanish border on 15th September 2018.  That way you can take your time to getting there in your chosen mode of transport campervan, motorhome or a car and tent.

Day 1

Meet & Greet your fellow roadtrippers - then dinner at a traditional local Portuguese restaurant.

Day 2

You've had a long journey, so relax, unwind and enjoy a 1/2 spa experience in Chaves, the Roman Spa town.  Try the healing properties of the thermal spa waters.

Day 3

On to Guimaraes and our 1st wine tasting with Aromas4U along with an evening meal.

Day 4

Over to the coast and Aveiro, where we'll take a boat trip and have a local lunch.  You'll also have time to explore by yourselves. We'll meet in Gois, where we'll camp for two nights.

Day  5

Time to explore the lush, undulating scenery and dinner at the Medas restaurant, with more Portugeuse delicacies. On the second evening, dinner will be served in the Casa do Culture, along with second of the wine tasting events provided by local co-operative vineyard Lapos des Reis.

Day 6

On to Obidos, famous for it's chocolate liqueur and then to Peniche.  More time to explore on your own, take it easy and chill.  Where we will camp for the night.

Day 7 & 8

Lisbon! We have our own exclusive tour guide, Ana, who will show us the local sights, plus a tour on an amphibious vehicle and lunch at the famous Cafe Belem - home of the delicious Pastel de Nata (custard tart to you & me).  Then in the evening, we'll go to a local tavern to listen to the Fado music.  

For these two nights, the accommodation will be an apartment in Lisbon itself - time to stretch out and not bang your head!

Day 9

To the beautiful town of Monsaraz, more time to explore and wonder at the cork trees.  The ultimate sustainable product.

Day 10

A short drive to Regeungos for the ultimate vineyard experience.  Here we'll have a full tour of the winery, tread some grapes, have a splendid lunch and the chance to buy more wine. Then back to the campsite to sleep it off.

Day 11

Adios! Chow! Tara chuck!  Off you go to either more adventures or to explain to HM customs why you have a campervan full of wine :-) 

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Please contact with your voucher code so we can book your place via email or call us on 0742 8560261

This is a small "bring your own camper" escorted tour - limited to only 10 vehicles.

What's included?

*All accommodation (shared apartments & Campsites)

* 3 lunches & 4 evening meals

* half day spa experience

* boat tour

* amphibious vehicle excursion

* guided tour of Lisbon and Fado club

* 3 exclusive vineyard experiences & wine tastings

What's not included?

* Breakfast

* fuel

* Cost of getting to meeting point & getting back to your starting point

 * Road tolls

* espresso to keep you awake

* parking charges, speeding fines and anything else like that

* Your chosen means of transport

* Travel Insurance

Small Print

* 50% non refundable deposit required on booking

* Although we'll try to cater for dietary requirements, we can't guarantee that the experience will be the same

* Everything is subject to change, but where we can we will provide like for like - bear with us it's our first one 

Kev's Kampers have the right to withdraw this tour and under those circumstances will, in that case only, refund all monies paid within 30 days of the 1st day of the tour.

If you have any questions -just ask.

Redeem locations

  • Kevs Kampers
    James's Lane Business Centre
    Grazeley Green
    RG7 1NB

    t: 07428 560 261

15/09/2018 to 26/09/2018

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